What You Need

Students completing an online course or program require enthusiasm, dedication and drive. Online learning provides greater accessibility and flexibility in terms of how, when and where you study. However, the online format is just at rigorous as on-campus formats and this requires students to be self-disciplined and organized.

Beyond that, the following information will help you access, and successfully complete your online course by ensuring you have the following or equivalent minimum requirements.

Any additional hardware or software requirements will be included in our course listings.


  • Basic level of comfort using a personal computer (file management, word processing, and printing)
  • Familiar with using an email program
  • Experience using Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome to access and browse the Internet


  • Pentium-Class PC (or higher) or a G3-based Mac (or higher)


  • Sufficient RAM and hard-drive space to adequately run communications and internet software


  • Full 256-color monitor or better running at 800x600 or higher

Web Browser:

  • Please visit the following link to ensure your browser meets the requirements for Brightspace: Browser Check

Javascript and Cookies:

  • Please visit the following link to ensure that Javascript and cookies are enabled on your browser (this is a requirement of Brightspace): Javascript, Cookie Check

Internet Connection:

  • Full access to all Internet capabilities through a service provider (SLIP/PPP account)


  • 28.8 K band rate or greater


If you are still unsure if you have all of the necessary software, please feel free to contact our Support Centre.


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