The following services are available to instructors to assist with remote teaching and assessment. For just-in-time support for all your remote teaching needs, please contact our Support Centre.

Instructional Continuity Planning

Instructional continuity planning is available for any instructors that require it. Resources and information are available and being updated regularly on our Instructional Continuity webpages.

Alternate Assessment Strategies

Assistance and resources are available to help instructors consider whether a final assessment is necessary, and if so, ways to conduct a final assessment remotely. For assistance please contact our Support Centre.

Some helpful resources include:

Recording Lectures in Lecture Capture Rooms

CITL will be offering Lecture Capture in select spaces across campus during the Spring semester. Please refer to our lecture capture documentation to sign up. If you are not currently scheduled in one of the available lecture capture rooms, please contact the Registrar’s Office to reschedule your course.

Read our Lecture Capture tips (PDF) or watch this short demonstration of the Lecutre Capture system:

Self-Recording Lectures

If you have your own camera equipment, you can record your own lectures and easily upload them to your course site in Brightspace. Our Video Uploader tool is available to instructors in the Dashboard in Brightspace. This tool provides instructors with a platform to host short self-recorded videos and an easy way to embed them into a course site.

Developed by CITL, the tool streamlines the self-recording service, enabling a more automated and reliable experience. We have also developed resources to help instructors get started, and embed and manage videos. Contact our Support Centre if you have questions or need assistance.

Recording tips
Our video producers prepared this Quick Tip Guide to help you with recording your own lectures. Also, consider creating transcripts of your recordings (video or audio) to ensure they are accessible and adhere to good universal design principles. 

Recording Lectures using Online Rooms

If you would like an easy-to-use tool for recording your own lecture without needing any extra software, Online Rooms (available within Brightspace) can be used to record lectures. Learn more.

Create an Online Room session and launch it. When you are ready to begin your recording, click the Recording option at the top of the Online Rooms screen. Stop your recording when complete and leave your session. After a period of time processing, your recorded lecture will appear in the Online Rooms section of your Brightspace course site under Recorded Meetings.

Synchronous Lectures using Online Rooms

If you would like an easy to use tool for hosting a synchronous online classroom, Online Rooms (available within Brightspace) can be used to hold a real-time session with students. We have a number of resources available on how to use this tool for teaching. While this tool is self-service, support is available to help you with setup and how to use it. Learn more.

Synchronous Lectures using WebEx

If you want to lecture to more than 50 students in a synchronous session, and do not need the additional features of an online classroom, Memorial's Information Technology Services (ITS) has made a limited number of licenses available for WebEx - an online synchronous tool.

For synchronous lectures with less than 50 students, Online Rooms is the preferred tool to host as it is integrated with Brightspace, requires no additional accounts and setup, and is an online classroom environment with additional tools and features.

Brightspace "Sandbox" Sites

“Sandbox” sites have been set up within Brightspace for all instructors. A sandbox site is an area that allows you to experiment in a safe environment, without impacting your live course site; there are no students in sandbox sites.

In the sandbox site you can try out any tool within Brightspace or experiment with Online Rooms. Most work completed in the sandbox site can be copied to your live course site and made available to your students, when you determine it is appropriate. To access your sandbox site, log into Brightspace using your MUN Login ID. Contact our Support Centre for more information.


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