Course Content and Instruction

The following table outlines various instructional needs, and presents options for tools and technologies available with links to related resources.

Instructional Need


Asynchronous Lectures (recording)

Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture services are available in select spaces across the St. John’s campus. Please review information about Lecture Capture prior to opting in to use this service.

If you are not scheduled in one of the available Lecture Capture rooms, please contact the Registrar’s Office to reschedule your course.


Record lectures with your own equipment and easily upload them to your course site in Brightspace. Our Video Uploader tool is available in the Brightspace Dashboard, and provides a platform to host your short, self-recorded videos and an easy way to embed them into a course site.

Online Rooms

Online Rooms is available within Brightspace and is an easy-to-use tool for recording lectures without needing extra software. You can upload a PowerPoint presentation to Online Rooms and speak to it, use the whiteboard or share the screen for your presentation. Once the recording is completed, it will automatically be published to your course site.


Narrate your slides within PowerPoint. Once the recording is completed, upload it to your course site to provide access to your students.

Synchronous Lectures

Online Rooms

Online Rooms is available within Brightspace, and is an easy-to-use tool that can be used to hold a real-time session with (less than 50) students. While this tool is self-service, support is available to help you with setup and how to use it.


WebEx is an online synchronous tool that can accommodate more than 50 students, but does not include any additional tools or features within the environment. Memorial has purchased an enterprise license for Cisco Webex. In order to use the system, instructors must request an account from ITS.

Distribute Content and Resources

Brightspace Content Tool

Add content directly to your Brightspace site using the Content tool. Create simple webpages, upload PPTs, PDFs or other documents that your students can access through this secure site. If you don’t want the students to see all the content at the same time, you can also set release conditions that are appropriate to the delivery of the material.

Course Resources (Reserves)

Create a readings list using Course Resources. This resource is linked directly to your course site. Simply send the library the items you wish to add to the reading list and students can access it directly from this tool. You can reach out to the Library for support using this tool.

Experiment with Brightspace tools

Sandbox Sites

Request a Brightspace Sandbox Site to experiment with Brightspace in a safe environment without impacting your live course site. There are no students in Sandbox Sites. Most work completed in a Sandbox Site can be copied to your live course site and made available to students when you determine it is appropriate. Contact our Support Centre to request a Sandbox Site.


Accessibility Guidelines

Memorial's Blundon Centre encourages using this resource to consider accessibility guidelines when preparing for remote teaching and learning.

Transcripts & Closed Captions for Instructional Videos

Transcripts and/or closed captions for instructional video is an important part of creating an accessible learning experience for students. This is true for any mode of course delivery. Learn more about various course delivery modes and how transcripts or closed captions are created for instructional videos.

Create Transcripts (for video or audio)

When recording video or audio for students, also consider creating transcripts to ensure they are accessible and adhere to good universal design principles.


Privacy Considerations (Remote Teaching)

When teaching remotely, instructors should be aware of these privacy considerations.

Recording Lectures/Class Activities

Hosting and recording synchronous sessions has many benefits, but with these benefits come considerations with respect to protecting your and your student's privacy. Check our Recording Lectures/Class Activities resource for some helpful tips.


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