2019 Video Archive

Special Presentations

The following are special presentations that were recorded during the 2019 event:

Plenary Session #1: Fireside chat with students
Dr. Gavan Watson, Scott Taylor, Kelly Greenfield and Duvisha Surnam.

Presentation: 2019 Award for Outstanding Self-directed Learning
Rob Shea, Donna Hardy-Cox and Michaela Barnes.

Breakout Sessions

The following breakout sessions were recorded with lecture capture during the 2019 event:

Planning for student success in online teaching and learning: A systems thinking approach
Presented by Julie Pitcher-Giles and Janice Turner.

Exploring the potential of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in undergraduate education
Presented by Dr. Karen Goodnough, Christine Arnold, Saiqa Azam, Kimberly Maich, Alireza Moghaddam, Sharon Penney and Gabrielle Young.

Presenting the Experience Fellowship: An experience architecture for student success
Presented by Lisa Russell, Ryan Murphy, Jen Crowe and Alyson Byrne.

Co-creating pharmacy leaders: A partnership between Pharmacy and Student Life
Presented by Ryan Murphy, Lisa Bishop, Lisa Russell and Ary Pevida

Learners as leaders: A case study of a student-led engagement process
Presented by Scott Taylor, Kelly Greenfield, Duvisha Surnam, Samuel Babolola and Sandy Brennan.

Welcome to my classroom: Biomechanics for the real world - think, process, do
Presented by Dr. Jeannette Byrne.

Welcome to my classroom: Practicing pronouns - Teaching to create unplanned, unprogrammed, non-predetermined space for student involvement
Presented by Dr. Ailsa Craig.

Welcome to my classroom: Interactive learning technology merged with face-to-face fun
Presented by John Tucker.

Deep listening, deep learning: Creating space for circle dialogue
Presented by Dr. Dorothy Vaandering and Bukola Boluwade.

Mock Research Ethics Board: Engaging students in REBs through active learning
Presented by Chandra Kavanagh.

Our moral obligations as educators
Presented by Drs. Danny Dyer, Caroline Porr, Janna Rosales and Christina Thorpe.

Strengthening the student scaffold: Accessibility, technology and opportunities
Presented by Jared Trask.


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