Earth Sciences for Spring 2020

Natural Hazards on a Dynamic Earth

Offered during Spring Session
CRN: 83093
Instructor(s): Morrill, Penny L

describes the surface of the Earth being in a constant state of change, thereby posing risks and challenges for society. A basic understanding of geological processes in the past and present provides some context for appreciating the risks related to earthquakes, volcanic activity and mass movements, challenges related to water resources, land-use planning and waste disposal, and some background to interpret sources and consequences of climate change. The course will provide a broad perspective on contemporary issues facing society. This course is designed for students taking Earth Sciences as an elective subject. This course complements traditional disciplines such as history, economics, and political science and should be of particular interest to prospective teachers. CR: Environmental Science 2360 UL: not acceptable as one of the required courses for the Minor, Major or Honours programs in Earth Sciences.

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