Call for proposals

The call for proposals is now closed.

This year, we will explore how we can equip our students to shape their futures and the world in which we live with the theme, Teaching for Change.

The world continues to evolve around us, pushing us to adapt to new ways of connecting, learning, doing and knowing. Our students are changing too, and so are their needs as learners. As an institution, our priorities have evolved to focus on enabling an equitable and accessible education, cultivating diversity and inspiring 21st century learning.

Educators, researchers, staff, students and alumni are invited to come together and explore how we can create and enable meaningful connections for engaged learning.

  • Creating a sense of belonging: How have you cultivated meaningful interactions between learners, educators and our communities (internal and external)?
  • Connecting learning to real world issues: How have you approached your face-to-face and/or online classrooms to draw direct connections to real world issues and cultivate students to be active global citizens?
  • Applying practices for inclusive teaching: What teaching strategies have you adopted to make your classrooms and online learning environments more culturally responsive, and inclusive?
  • Enhancing learning through innovative practices: Have you identified an instructional issue or approach as a result of changes within of our current environment, and assessed the impact of it on student learning?

As you prepare your proposal, please keep the theme and above questions in mind.

Do you have questions about being a presenter? Check our short FAQ to find your answer, or contact us.

Session format

All concurrent sessions will be virtual and scheduled for 50 minutes. Presenters should prepare presentations that include adequate opportunity for Q&A. The planning committee reserves the right to group “10-minute talk” presentations to fill the duration of a concurrent session time slot.

Format descriptions

Present an instructional approach you tried in your teaching practice to enhance the learning experience for students. This may include a different approach to presenting content, implementing a new assessment strategy, attempting to indigenize your course, or applying a strategy to increase student interaction.

The presenter should be prepared to share why they chose the instructional approach, what they learned from the experience and if they intend to continue with the approach in their course(s). If appropriate, the presenter may choose to solicit feedback from participants on similar experiences.

Demonstrate a teaching practice or skill you use to support student learning. This may include skills with technology or instructional activities. Ideas for workshops could include: technology used to promote student interaction with content and/or peers; creation of a graphical syllabus; strategies to ensure alignment of assessments; considerations for engaging community partners; ways to implement new ways of knowing, including experimental learning; indigenization of learning; use of peer review; or creative/artistic options to demonstrate learning.

Proposals should clearly describe the skill(s) being demonstrated or taught.

Facilitated discussion:
Introduce a topic related to the theme, Teaching for Change, and guide participants in a conversation where ideas and experiences related to the topic can be shared. The discussion should generate dialogue with the intention to help you and participants build a deeper understanding of the topic.

10-minute talk:
Present a short presentation of a topic relevant to the theme, Teaching for Change, in a 5+5 format (i.e. 5 minute presentation + 5 minute Q&A). This succinct presentation should help participants understand the relevance of the topic to teaching and learning in higher education. The intention of this format is to encourage participants to think about their teaching practice in new or different ways.

Note: your talk will be one of a number in a 50-minute session.

Quick pitch (video):
Prepare a short video presentation (no more than 5 minutes) posing a question, demonstrating a useful technology or sharing an idea relevant to the theme, Teaching for Change. The presenter is expected to engage conference attendees through an asynchronous conversation about the pitch.

Accepted quick pitches will need to be submitted the week before the conference, and must include a written description that introduces the pitch. Pitches will be shared via the Discussion tool in the Brightspace conference site as a part of the conference proceedings. Pitch-makers are expected to monitor the discussion forum during the conference and respond to pitch-specific questions and/or inquiries.

Submit a proposal

Before completing the online proposal form, feel free to review the PDF version to see the questions ahead of time and to begin preparing your responses.

Once you are ready to submit a proposal for a conference session, please complete this online form:


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