Memorial University 2018 Teaching and Learning Connection

2018 Teaching and Learning Connection

April 26-27, 2018

CITL is excited to host Memorial University's 2018 Teaching and Learning conference.

This event is inspired by the vision that transformative learning takes place at crossroads of teaching and learning, specifically curriculum, instruction and technology. A crossroad is where paths of disparate activities and ideas intersect and look to move forward. While intersecting pathways can collide and clash, they can also create points of contact where extraordinary things can happen in many different ways and on many different levels. Crossroads can be places of innovation, full of possibilities and influence.

As such, the theme for this year's conference is Transformative Learning: Crossroads of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology. A primary question of this event is how can we be more intentional and creative at crossroads of teaching and learning for the purpose of transformative learning?

All educators, staff and graduate students across the province with an interest in teaching and learning are welcome to attend.

Registration is free.

This conference is a combination of two events CITL was involved with in 2017: Transformational Teaching and Learning Day, and the Brightspace Newfoundland and Labrador Connection.

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Call for Proposals

We invite educators, researchers, staff and graduate students to join in exploring the nature and practice of transformative learning at crossroads of curriculum, instruction and technology.

Deadline for Proposals: Monday, Mar. 12, 2018

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